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Ethyl Vanillin
Keywords:Ethyl Vanillin
Category:Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
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Packaging Details:25KGS/DRUM
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Product Description

Vanillin ( sythesized and natural 99%) FCCIV
Ethyl Vanillin FCCIV
20kg/carton; 25kgs/drum

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Vanillin ( sythesized and natural 99%) FCCIV
Ethyl Vanillin FCCIV
25kg/drum 20kg/carton;
bulk in stock; good price; samples available;
China origin




Name:Ethyl vanillin
Cas no :121-32-4




Characteristics: White to slightly yellow crystals or crystal powder.

Odour: Odour and taste of Vanilla, stronger than Vanillin.

Solubility (25): 1g of Ethyl Vanillin is soluble in 3ml of 95% Ethanol and the solution should be clear.

Melting range: 76-78

Content: 99.0% min.

Loss on drying: 0.5% max.

As: 0.0003% max.

Heavy metal (based on Pb): 0.001% max.

Residue on ignition: 0.05% max.

Use: It is one of the important edible flavors and fragrances and the raw material in food additive industry. It has full-bodied and lasting fragrance of Vanilla Beans and is 3-4 times as fragrant as Vanillin. It is widely used in food, sweets, candy, ice cream, drinks and cosmetics as fragrance fixative and additive. It is also used as pharmaceutical intermediate, feed additive and in electroplating industry.

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