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Manager''''s Office

Manager's Office:
Under the leadership of general manager, external coordination with the competent government departments, social functions of institutions, and setting a good clear channels to promote the company and the wider cooperation and friendly exchanges, establish a good corporate image; internal layout of the management responsible for , implementation, inspection, supervision, and implementation as well as with various departments and external liaison and coordination. Specific work in the following areas:
• Responsible for writing documents, review, receive, transfer, processing and supervision, documents and archives management.
 • responsible for the company's external audit information, disclosure and filing.
 • keeping good company seal, as required, strict implementation of the system with India.
 • Responsible for customer file collection, archiving and storage.

 • Responsible for company registration, registration procedures for such changes.
 • Responsible for internal and external guests to visit, work and leadership in the travel hospitality arrangements.
 • Responsible for managing business meetings and conferences in preparation for the company, records, resolutions and resolutions of the formation of the supervision of supervision.
 • management arrangements for the deployment of drivers and vehicles, repair, maintenance, security, work out of the bus.
Dept ManagerZhang aiqiong
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